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Scope of the Congress

The International Association for Fuzzy-Set Management and Economy (SIGEF) and the Universidad de León (ULE) are proud to announce the organization of the 10th Congress, entitled "EMERGENT SOLUTIONS FOR THE INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY" to take place in León, Spain. The 10th Congress offers a forum where academicians, professionals and practitioners -working in the field of economics, finance, management and organisation- can exchange ideas and experiences on the advancement of research, methods, techniques, applications and projects based on fuzzy logic, neural systems, genetic algorithms, ant systems, uncertainty theory, complexity theory, new quantitative methods and soft computing. The Congress aim is encouraging scientific exchanges, promoting international agreements between the academic community and companies, and spreading results of international research through the Congress Proceedings.

Congress Sessions

As usual in our Congress, there will be Plenary and Parallel sessions. Moreover a Special Session on "Technology Transference" will be arranged and also the First International Workshop on "Intelligent Systems for Intrusion Detection and facing Malware" supported by Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología (DPI 2001-0105). Other special sessions can be organised.

Main Topics

Contributions describing research results and application papers in the following areas are solicited:

  • Applications of Pattern Recognition to Economy and Management
  • Approximate Reasoning
  • Bio-inspired Technologies in Management and Control
  • Business Intelligence
  • Competencies Management Methods and Practices
  • Data Mining and Applications to Economic Problems
  • Decision Making Systems
  • Evolutionary Modelling
  • Fuzzy Chaos Theory and Applications in Economy
  • Fuzzy Expert Systems for Intrusion Detection
  • Fuzzy Games Theory and Applications
  • Fuzzy Logic and Expert Systems in Management
  • Fuzzy Logic in Audit and Security Information
  • Fuzzy Multicriteria Methods & Applications
  • Infoknowmy
  • Knowledge Management Methods and Practices
  • Linguistic Information and Decision Making
  • Management Intelligent Systems
  • Management Methods based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Gas in Hybrid Systems for Economy and Management
  • Neuro-Fuzzy Models
  • Organizing Knowledge: Thesaurus and Topic Maps
  • Rough Set Analysis and Applications
  • Small Firms' Management Tools
  • Software Platforms for the Management of Extended Enterprises
  • Technology Transfer from New to Old Economy
  • Other Related Topics

Further Information

For any information not covered in the Congress Website please refer to:
for administrative issues (registration):

  • X SIGEF Congress Committee
    Facultad CC.EE. y Empresariales
    Universidad de León. Campus de Vegazana, s/n, E-24071 León (Spain)
    fax : +34 987 291454 / email:
    for technical aspects (paper submission & web):
    Congress Website or Congress e-mail (on the main page)

Information Desk (during the Congress):

  • X SIGEF Congress Committee
    Aula Magna - Escuela de Ingenierías Industrial e Informática
    Universidad de León. Campus de Vegazana, s/n, E-24071 León (Spain)
    Phone: +34 987 291766 / fax : +34 987 291787

Congress Secretariat

  • Begoña González Pérez
    Facultad CC.EE. y Empresariales.
    Universidad de León. Campus de Vegazana, s/n. E-24071 León (Spain)
    Phone: +34.987291742 / Fax: +34.987291454


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